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    Welcome to Charterhouse Pharmaceutics

    Charterhouse Pharmaceutics is a new and innovative dimension for the face of healthcare in Nigeria. We manufacture medicinal products, appliances and cosmetics of good quality, safety and efficacy to service the ever growing Nigerian healthcare demand. Furthermore, our initiative is to enhance the capacity of Nigeria in collaboration with the government and local authorities to effectively prevent and treat diseases that are of major concern to public health.

    Healthcare particularly in developing countries remain an ever growing need. The ability to efficiently manage the needs and risks associated with Nigeria and its healthcare would be at the forefront of our business initiatives. As an organisation,we intend to develop our core competencies which would be QUALITY,SAFETY and EFFICACY of all our product lines aswell as AFFORDABILITY and ACCESSIBILITY. These would be reflected in the way we conduct business, by ensuring that all our product lines are continually available and affordable, thereby avoiding any levels of shortage in the pharmaceutical retail market within the developing African countries.

    Charterhouse Pharmaceutics……..Healthcare at your fingertips……..

    Classes Of Products


    The high mortality rate in Sub-Saharan Africa is mainly caused by Malaria. Millions of cases are recorded yearly in Nigeria, If diagnosed with uncomplicated Malaria, CHP has the required treatment for you.


    Antibiotics are the most commonly used drugs for infections caused by various forms of bacteria.We encourage the appropriate of use of Antibiotics as recommended by your prescriber so as to improve efficacy and reduce resistance.

    Cardiovascular Disease

    Cardiovascular Diseases such as High Blood Pressure, Coronary Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Angina etc account for the high mortality rate in Nigeria.We advocate the need for healthy lifestyle measures through various means such as exercise alongside a balanced diet.


    Pain relief and control are essential in our day to day lives. We are able to function to our highest capacity when we experience relief and/or control of pain.