Seyi Oyinlola


Seyi is a Systems Engineering and Management major graduate from Richmond American International University in London. He also holds an M.Sc in International Business Management from University of Surrey. He has participated in several business and management courses in Nigeria and abroad.

He joined Reliance Trade Corporation, a top commodity trading outfit in London as a commodity trader and rose in 14 months to Head of Sales and Marketing where he traded over 25,000 Metric Tones of Thai Parboiled Rice, 10,000 Metric Tones of ICUMSA 45 Brazilian sugar, over 20,000 Metric Tones of NPK and Urea (fertilizer products) and 150 Containers of Saint Louis Crystal Sugar cubes all into Nigeria.

In 2004 he founded Infinity Foods Investment Limited in Nigeria where he was the Managing Director/CEO until his appointment with Hyra Motors as the Pioneer Managing Director/CEO.In recognition of his entrepreneurial and managerial skills he was awarded DISTINGUISHED YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2007 by National Daily. He has been named in several newspapers as one of the young, dynamic and innovative talents in Nigeria.