CoMalart Oral

Product Class – Over the Counter

Therapeutic Class – Antimalarial (Artemisinin Combination Therapy)

Active Ingredients – Artemether & Lumefantrine

Strength – Each 5ml spoonful after reconstitution contains Artemether 15mg & Lumefantrine 90mg

Indications – Treatment of Acute Uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria

Cautions – Electrolyte Disturbances, Concomitant use with other drugs known to cause QT-interval prolongation (ask your cardiologist); Monitor patients unable to take food (greater risk of recrudescence/recurrence); Avoid in Acute porphyria

Contra-indications – History of Arrhythmias, History of Clinically relevant Bradycardia and of Congestive heart failure accompanied by reduced left ventricular ejection fraction; Family history of sudden death or congenital QT interval prolongation (Ask your Cardiologist)

comalart oral

Hepatic (Liver) Impairment – Caution in Severe impairment

Renal (Kidney) Impairment – Caution in Severe impairment; monitor ECG and plasma potassium concentration

Pregnancy – Toxicity in animal studies with Artemether; Use only if potential benefits outweigh risk.

Breast-Feeding – Avoid breast feeding for at least 1 week after last dose; present in milk in animal studies.

Side Effects – Abdominal pain, Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Nausea, Anorexia; Palpitation, Prolonged QT Interval, Cough, Headache, dizziness, Sleep Disturbances, Asthenia, Paraesthesia, Arthalgia, Myalgia; Pruitus, Rash, Less commonly Ataxia, Hypoaesthesia, and Clonus

HOW TO MIX: Slowly add freshly boiled and cooled water up to the mark on the bottle and shake vigorously to form a homogenous suspension. Adjust volume up to the mark by adding more water. This makes 60ml of suspension.
A full course therapy of three days is essential in order to avoid recrudescence. Vomiting within an hour requires repeating the dose.
It should be taken with FOOD.

Body Weight(kg) Number of Millilitres (ml)
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
5 7ml 7ml 7ml
7.5 10ml 10ml 10ml
10 14ml 14ml 14ml
15 20ml 20ml 20ml